The Jim and Dwight Files
So far this week has looked at the idea of your coworkers being your family or taking a page out of Wendy Williams book and keep it nice, but also keep your distance. I’m with her, while Michael from the other day – he’s more like the characters found on The Office. It wasn’t the first show to take place in a work space, but some may regard it as one of the best – even the haters who say it fell far once Michael Scott exited to be with his one and only. Despite the naysayers about the final couple of seasons and the quality, this NBC hit showcased the family aspect of those you spend the workweek with.

Much like a family, there were those who got along and those who you’d never find in the same room unless otherwise forced. Which, is what work is like. You have to be around this people x-amount of time a week. That’s just the way it is. Anyways, while the likes of Jim and Dwight were at always trying to out-annoy one another – look how that all came to an end? Jim was in charge Dwight’s bachelor party and they seemed to be actual friends and not just people who worked together. Like family, through thick and thin and various opinions on how the world should be – you’re there for one another for the big moments, and sometimes even those small ones you may not even notice will matter later in life.
This is foreign to me, but not by much. That contract job led me to two people I absolutely adore and actually am happy to hear from. Maybe it helps that one is down under traveling and the other is in Belgium. Distance, it’s a wonder. Anyways, I could likely never have what those of Dunder Mifflin had, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I see people I know every day bonding with their coworkers and while it confuses me – I get it because of what this show has taught me in syndication. Other than finding beauty in the ordinary, The Office shows that family comes in all shapes and sizes and that when you spend a huge portion of your life with a certain group of people, you’ll start to feel for them – whether you like it or not. Work is the Stockholm syndrome of your adult life, get used to it.


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