The Heavenly Coworker

You could not pay someone to not like Michael Angel. He’s just one of those people who illuminate every space they find themselves in. We first met back in 2008 when American Idol went from a show watched only on TV to a weekly routine that involved waiting in line for hours just to witness the taping in person. He was never without a smile and he almost always made a new friend every seven days on Beverly Boulevard.

Today he’s rightfully the first person you see when you step off the elevator at the office he works at on Vine. And as someone who’s spent a week or so in the same space – he’d likely win their “Friendliest” category if jobs were cool and had annual superlatives. Side note: do some jobs do this? Let me know because we did it once at a contract job and it was fantastic.

Anyways, Michael just inhabits a natural personality that draws you to him and because of that – I knew he’d have a polar opposite take on coworkers from myself aka the hermit lady of Van Nuys. He notes he never has to fake his kindness towards others, including those at work – which makes him a rare commodity in LA. So the following explores what a nice guy has to say about working with others; it’s not always sugar and spice but he does have some sound advice.
Kendra: My girl Wendy Williams believes in being cordial at work but leaving t there, and not engaging outside of work hours. Agree or disagree?

Michael: Disagree! If the people at work share similar interests and they give off good energy that you may want/need in your life, don’t shut them out! I take every window of opportunity to befriend my co-workers. It makes life in the workplace A LOT more fun!

Kendra: Do you hang out with a lot of our coworkers outside of work?

Michael: Not a lot, but a nice handful! I actually put together movie nights and we are going to an Escape Room next week, which I’m very excited about!

Kendra: What about former coworkers – do you stay in touch once you move on or do you let the past stay there?

Michael: We stay in touch on social media. But as adults, our paths have gone all over the place and it’s hard to get schedules to match up a lot of the time. But I try my best to stay in touch and say “hello” every once in awhile when I see something that reminds me of them.
Kendra: What is your best advice for those people out there who aren’t so quick to build a nice rapport with everyone when they start a new job?

Michael: Be willing to adapt to your environment(s). I’m not saying “fake it to make it”, but there will always be all types of people and personalities so be open to those new experiences. Look at the big picture, not at all of the little things that may annoy you.

Kendra: Some more advice. This time about work drama. How do you go about settling it?

Michael: I [fortunately] do not have a lot of drama going on at work. I like to stay drama-free in life, so I avoid it as much as possible.
Kendra: What is the biggest high and low of maintaining a good relationship with your coworkers?

Michael: The biggest high of maintaining a good relationship is the fact that you feel comfortable with them. They become more “friend” than “coworker” and it helps relieve stress and drama if you ever need to talk about something. The low of maintaining a good relationship is the fact that you see them every day and not every day is perfect. There are some days when my coworkers drive me crazy and I’m so “done” with them, but that only lasts a few hours. I get over things pretty quickly.

Kendra: And lastly, what is the biggest high and low of coworkers in general?

Michael: In general, the biggest high is the people that I work with are all involved in the entertainment industry in some way. It’s nice to trade stories and experiences to learn multiple aspects that goes into creating, booking, promoting or putting on a show. The biggest low of coworkers, in general? I can’t really think of one. Sorry to disappoint you!



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