Top 10 Ways to Tell if Your Day Job Isn’t Your Career
A job is replaceable, a career is something you strive for. With that said, the place you’re sitting at right now may not be for you if you’ve experienced the following…

10. You’ve Gone in the Bathroom and Cried About Work…More Than Once…

9. When People Ask What You Do, Your Face Does This:

8. You’ve Thought About Pulling the Fire Alarm to Go Home Early

7. No Amount of Money Could Make You Stay

6. Your Smile Isn’t as Big as When You Were Hired as It Is Today

5. You Daydream About Being Anywhere But…

4. You Often Wonder Why You’re There

3. Sitting in Your Car During Lunch is Like a Vacation

2. Your Shift Starts at 9am and You Clock Out at 9:15am

1. If You Got Fired Today, You’d be Okay


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