2 Broke Dreams

Once you get past some of the forced jokes on 2 Broke Girls, it’s actually quite pleasant and the perfect show to put on when nothing else is new and you have work to do. Enough about why you should watch every once in awhile though because it was one of the only and likely the best representation when it comes to jobs vs careers, but the show needs a major tweak.

Max and Caroline spend most of their time working at a dead end diner to ensure they can barely live above the poverty line. Over the years we’ve watched them realize their dream of being their own boss and having a cupcake business. Through many ups and downs they wound up with a little store front in back of their day job but they’ve yet to make it far enough to be able to walk away from the diner for good. So they continue to put in their time waiting tables so they can then walk through the kitchen and into their own space making cupcakes. While I love this show for personal reasons we won’t get into now – I sometimes wish they’d quit the diner and just go all in with their own thing.

That’s because the most inspiring stories about going after your dreams come from those who put all their chips on red and just spin the wheel. It makes my mind wander to a lot of comedians who’ve noted they left their hometown with a few bucks in their pockets and a lot of hope. It’s just more admirable when someone’s come up from nothing and achieved something, at least it makes for a better story in the end. Take Taylor Swift. While it doesn’t take away from her talent or anything, I’d rather hear about Shania Twain’s hardships with deaths in the family and growing up poor, rather than Swift’s well-off family who I’m sure was able to pay for this and that along the way. That’s why movies like Precious and Room get Oscar buzz while happy-go-lucky films are more for a TBS late-night run. We love hearing about struggles because most of us are too chicken shit to actually live through them.

So when it comes to 2 Broke Girls, we love to watch them struggle to make it and also love to see what crazy things they get into as they pursue being their own bosses and owning a successful cupcake business BUT one day they should just dive in and be like those comedians and actors who say, “Fuck it,” and just go in 100% because it’s easy to live on the “wild side” when you have a safety net.


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