The Pursuit of Anything
We can all agree not working sucks for a lot of reasons but I just want to continue on what I was talking about yesterday when I went on about the possibilities Craigslist creates. In a world where you’re one click and gig away from having some cash in your pocket while your dream job is playing hard to get, it’s easy to stay busy. All of this got me thinking about the soul crushing Will Smith movie that is The Pursuit of Happyness. Not only did it show anyone can fall on hard times, but was a life lesson in not sitting around and waiting for good things to come your way.

Chris Gardner took a risk that didn’t pay off in the beginning and it ended up costing him his marriage and comfort. Gone was the physical space he’d called home, but he made due because it wasn’t just his ass he needed to make good by, but his son’s as well. So what’s he do, he got in that program that could’ve been a scheme and he went above and beyond to prove he deserved a position. It’s admirable because a lot of people, myself included, wouldn’t have acted the same. We live in a sea of first world problems, most our biggest crisis’ involving an app being down or forgetting a charger and not being near an Apple Store. It goes hand in hand with being the coddled generation.
One of the five people to look at my taxes recently was a divorcee probably in her mid-40’s with a couple of college-aged children living at home. We talked briefly about them living on their own and she couldn’t fathom the idea. Her babies out there struggling financially? Instead of saying, “Uh…I’m not saying have them live on the streets, but learn some independence before they’re 45,” I just took a mental note as she continued to tell me what I could deduct. Gardner took that struggle above and beyond and I think he showed that no matter what life throws at you, you have to dodge it at any cost, pick up whatever pieces are left by the downfall and build yourself back up.

Again, we don’t all have to hit that exact rock bottom to learn to rise above, but just take note that when you’re unemployed – there is always something you can start doing to continue moving forward with your life instead of just sitting around your parent’s house waiting for a phone to ring with a job offer. Don’t sit and be coddled by your parent’s comfort or think “just one more week and I’ll get back at it.” There’s always something to do to make sure you’re not stagnant while being unemployed. Start pursuing anything, something.


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