Painting a Single Portrait of Unemployment
When asked to do this interview, “Betty Kane” said she wanted to remain anonymous and I’d be a dick to sit here and say her name. So an alias she was given. With that, I won’t say where she resides but it’s a small town she thinks that has something to do with her lack of employment, and would pack up and leave if given the opportunity. However, she sits at home day in and day out because she’s her own worst enemy in this endeavor.

She believes it difficult to find work because she says, “I convince myself that no one would hire me, and I have bad anxiety when it comes to job interviews.” Her fear of the initial interview has kept her at bay and she relies heavily on the internet to search for work. Her anxiety keeps her from heading to the local mall to get an application in person. Thankfully though, most places handle things online these days – but damn that anxiety that plagues her and she knows others judge her, “People who have a hard time finding work can be viewed as lazy or unreliable.”

I could sympathize with her when we talked about feeling less than. I feel that way whenever I think of the time I wasted in college and Betty says she feels the same as well noting, “I feel like a failure most of the time because after dropping college I have nothing going for me.” While she gets down on herself about those things, her parents say little to get her out of the house and into work, “My parents don’t bother me about it much I think because I’m a girl it doesn’t bother them as much. They were on my brother’s case really bad before he got a job. Sometimes my mom will mention places are hiring but that’s the worst of it.”

With her fear of interviews, and anxiety looming – she knows her dream of being a herpetologist is far for now, but she does know what she has to do to get there. That’s a start and that’s the first step towards anything, right? In the end though Betty’s still unemployed today and admits the high of her situation is not having to deal with people every day, but the low – probably why she wanted to stay anonymous – is having to tell people she doesn’t have a job and still lives with her parents.

So while some would look at Betty and say, she’s just lazy – she isn’t stupid about her situation. She knows her problem and just has to find a way to make it work, so she can find work. Maybe she, and others dealing with anxiety problems can check out these ways to cope here, and she can get out there and work with reptiles one day (I know you were wondering what the heck a herpetologist was).


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