Did Kanye Have the Right Idea: Top 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of College


College is only worth it if you make it so. Spending four more years in classrooms after high school for a degree does not make you a worthwhile individual if you have no clue why you even went or what to do after graduation. We need to stress to college students that college isn’t just about obtaining the degree, it’s about getting the most out of that time by doing more than just homework. If I’d only realized these things sooner…

10. Research Majors Ahead of Time

Back in the day this meant going to the library and reading a ton of books. Today a quick Google search can give you so much important information on not only what majors are about, but what career they can help you attain.

9. Work on Campus

Experience in the workplace will go a long way when you step away with that degree. Plus, it’s easier to get recommendations and whatnot from schools the closer you are to the staff.

8. Try and Take GEs at a Community College

I still think it’s pretty ridiculous you have to take crap like biology when you’re not the least bit interested in a career in science. Plus, didn’t you just take that shit in high school? They teach you at a “higher level?” Sure college, you’re scamming people with GEs, so scam them right back and take them some place cheaper.

7. Study Abroad

You will never get the chance to experience another place at such a price ever again. Take full advantage of that.

6. Visit Your Advisor as Much as Possible

Make sure you are more than a dollar sign and make those people know your name.

5. Talk to People in the Fields You’re Interested In

When advisors fail, go right to the source.

4. Work

Build that resume ahead of time!

3. Get Involved on Campus

If you don’t want to work, then you better find a club and own that.

2. Don’t Stress too Much About Grades

Like Felicia Day said, her 4.0 GPA did very little for her after graduation. Not saying to starting busting out D papers, but don’t put all your eggs in the GPA basket.

1. Intern

Sadly, that Robert De Niro movie is not reality and companies are way less likely to take on interns when they’re out of college. Again, take advantage of those four years.


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