Can We Give ‘Accepted’ Way More Credit?
Movies about college are way more exciting than college. The same goes with sports as a kid. I’d rather watch The Mighty Ducks a million times as a kid than actually have to be near others my age in not only a competition, but a social setting. Back to college though…I wanted to write about Ryan Reynolds and the importance of Van Wilder. He used college to learn more than what books taught him. He became a community leader, a helping hand to his fellow students. However, he spent seven years there and did what I think a lot of people do – use college as a buffer between them and the real world. really though, college is great for that when you’re in your 20’s. Like, uh…mom – I can’t possibly grow up, I have a Psych 202 test to study for. Get off my back. So I at almost 3am I decided to go with Accepted because to me, that’s what college should be like. It should be about letting us find ourselves in a more relaxed manner, at our own pace for a few years. Not about doing a couple of years of honest to god useless GE classes.

Justin Long plays the great Bartleby Gaines and after getting rejected by even the easiest of school to gain admittance, he creates his own fake college and then goes on to enroll a colorful cast of misfits. This of course pisses off those who can’t see past the idea of traditional schooling and Bartleby has to then prove South Harmon Institute of Technology is a legit place of education. For those who don’t fit into the box that higher education places out, which is so many – this movies speaks volumes for. Imagine if you could’ve went to a school like the one in this movie. It’s hard to because we’re taught from very early on what it means to be educated the “right” way and if we stray from that – well then we’re dumb and will never amount to anything.
Sadly we don’t live in a world run by Bartleby’s though and that freedom does not exist in education – or does it? After the horrendous task of taking general classes that are more for the school to raise money and build some stupid thing that’s not needed – college is about finding that thing that makes us flourish but most of us go in not realizing that until it’s too late. There are thousands of students on each campus at any given time, but maybe colleges should be more like Bartleby when students are first shoveled in. Advisors should take the time to meet with them on a mandatory basis and not just when their final check is due. Treat them like people who are eventually heading out into the world and not just dollar signs to build that new wing of the such and such building.

That’s not to say every kid that enters college is walking in with a big question mark on their mind. Some have a plan, like Sara, and can just go for it. For the 353352341241 others who don’t and will walk away after four years with a diploma, that question mark on their head and a huge case of anxiety because now they’ve got the real world to deal with – it’s a little harder for them and they need their own Bartleby to help them discover what they really shine in when it comes to life.


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