Picking a Familiar Path, and Then Running a Similar Course

Again, college is worth it for your career and life if you do it well and take the right steps towards making the most out of it. Inspired by her dad’s history as a roadie for punk and jazz bands, and her own love of music, Sara knew entertainment was where she wanted to be in terms of having a career one day. So she did the smart thing and started early, becoming the editor of the paper in high school and working for the Las Vegas Review Journal. She said that by the time she got to college, it was time to do something not on the opposite side of the spectrum, but familiar, “Since I had already had a bunch of experience with print, I chose the PR route so I could expand my skills. I ended up loving the PR side a lot more because I would still be doing a lot of writing, but was also able to be more creative and go beyond the printed word.”

Today Sara is putting that PR degree to use as a publicist at Silver Legacy Resort Casino. So you can say, and she would agree, that she scored her career in entertainment thanks to majoring in the thing she was passionate about and working hard to get hands on experience to obtain a job in it after graduation.

Kendra: When you were about to graduate, did you start looking for jobs in PR, or did you focus more on the present?

Sara: I was determined to find a job that fit my degree and I would take nothing less. I applied everywhere and anywhere that seemed feasible. As much as I loved living in Reno, I wasn’t married to it and at the time could move my life where a job would take me. Luckily, a month after graduating college, the company I was doing my internship with, offered to bring me on full time.

Kendra: Now your reality is a job in PR. The perfect match for someone with your educational background, but do you feel you’ve learned more from real world experience or from books on the matter?

Sara: Absolutely. I am not a book learner, I’m a hands-on, put me in the worst situation possible learner. Funny story – I had my first real lesson in crisis Communication from Bill Cosby. While I can’t go too much into detail, I never imagined my first phone call with the New York Times would be for that situation! But I took a lot away from that day including how to keep my cool while repeatedly saying, “no comment, no comment, no comment.”

Kendra: When you head home at night, what satisfaction does your job give you on a day to day basis?

Sara: I work for a great company that treats its employees like family – all 2,000 of us. Knowing that I, in turn, am spreading good news about good people is a good feeling – it’s all good! I also leave every day with a sense of gratitude – I have a job that allows me to live life and then some. Every day is different with what I do and I’ve got a lot of stories to tell!

Kendra: Do you ever want more than that? What about a different path? Like if you could redo college and go into a different field, would you? Would you make that switch today? Well maybe not this second, but could you see yourself moving in a different direction some day and changing professions?

Sara: Sometimes I wish I was more studious so that I could do something more badass like be a female engineer or some other field that is likely more men than women, but I don’t study, I’m awful at math, I could never be a doctor because I hate blood and guts – like I said before, I’m a do-er. I learn from experience. Truly, I’m content with what I do. Will it be that way forever? Who knows. I’m open to whatever the future holds for me…Well, mostly whatever.

Kendra: In the end though, what do you think the biggest high is for people who manage to study what they end up working in, and what do you think the low of that same situation is?

Sara: The high is that you created a plan and you stuck to it. The low is that you created a plan and you stuck to it. In the end, everything turned out the way you imaged it would, but I still have moments where I wonder what it would’ve been like if I spent an extra year in college because I chose a different route. You’re always going to have doubts, it’s human nature.



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