Wish You Were Here: Top 10 Gifts To Say ‘I Love You’ From Far Away

When you live far from the place you once called home and your loved ones, sometimes just dropping them a “hey” on Facebook just isn’t enough. Show them you’re thinking of them with these lovely gifts available on Etsy and elsewhere.

10. Picture Frame

picture frame
Pictures are so digital nowadays that a nice printed one is greatly appreciated. Not every mom wants to just see their kid on the Snapblr or Instatbook.

9. Keychains

Who doesn’t have at least a house key?

8. Care Package

candy basket
You can put whatever you want in it, but candy is the best thing on earth so just go with that. Make sure to pack it with their personal favorites!

7. State Mug

You can either buy these or make them yourself with a porcelain marker from Michael’s. Either way, it’s such a cute idea!

6. Jewelry

Send them a little something shiny and sentimental to wear around with their favorite outfit.

5. Pillows!

Whether you take a cue from the mug and translate it to a decorative pillow or just stick with the mug – both are wins.

4. Nice Print

These are also thing you can have made for you, or you can make them yourselves but if your mom isn’t keen on seeing you on social media – imagine your grandparents. They’re definitely going to appreciate this one.

3. Candle in the Wind

Quick, simple and easy.

2. Bad Word Mug

mom mug
If your mom is like like and isn’t far from dropping the f-bomb every other word – this is it. They also have ones for dads too!

1. Plane Ticket

plane ticket
What says “I love you” more than a ticket to see you?


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