The Tattletale Vs. The Rebel: Top 10 Ways to End Your Adult Sibling Rivalry
Looking at this title, I just wanted to share that even at 28…I was still tattling on my younger brother to our dad this week. Our dad even told my brother, “You know your sister will be right back on this phone if you don’t start acting right.” With that, I’d say maybe one of the ways to end your adult rivalry between your siblings is to not rat them out every chance you get – but sometimes they deserve to be called out. Anyways, here are some other ideas to squash the beef between you two if you’re still walking that rivalry line.

10. Try a New Hobby Together
Find something you both enjoy and start doing it at least once a week together, or even better – find something you’ve both been wanting to do and learn something new with each other.

9. Talk It Out

Simple as that. One of you needs to start the conversation and just get it done.

8. Realize They’re Not Your Competition
There are far too many people in this world who will try and outdo you, realize your brother and sister aren’t them.

7. Fight
Hey, one good fight may do the trick and get out all that tension.

6. Get a Massage Together
Have a spa day and let those evil toxins be released.

5. Take a Trip…Together
It may sound like hell on earth, but you learn a lot about a person when traveling.

4. Have a Kid
Not together, this isn’t hillbilly land…I’m saying that when you bring a new life into this world, your sibling may buckle down and be a great aunt/uncle and that may relieve some tension between the two of you.

3. Get Counseling
When you can’t work it out, try and seek help from a professional.

2. Have a Movie Night
Nothing has cured more fights between me and my younger than popping on A Goofy Movie and quoting it the whole time to one another.

1. Make Your Parents Do It
Mom and dad have breaking you up for years, no shame it having them do it one last time now that you’re grown.


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