The Norman Bates Agenda: Top 10 Signs You May Be Too Close to Your Family
This week we’ve taken a little look a what it means to be too close to your family as an adult and learned that it’s not too weird but the are lines that can be crossed and that’s where we’re ending. These are the top 10 signs you and your family may be verging on too close…

10. Back when MySpace was a thing your entire top 8 was filled with relatives.

9. The last five people you texted we’re people your share DNA with.

8. You don’t think it’s weird to share a bed more often than not with your loved ones. The more the merrier.

7. You were technically old enough to rent a car the last time you took one of those family portraits at Sears.

6. There is at least one tattoo on your body that matches your siblings.

5. Speaking of matching…you actually think it’s still cool to dress alike.

4. Almost all your vacation photos are with your family. Who wouldn’t want to spend spring break with their mom and dad?

3. It’s crucial to have a family meeting after all your dates because whoever you go out with is essentially dating the whole gang.

2. Sometimes strangers think your and your sibling are actually together when you’re out in public.


1. Let’s hope this isn’t the lot of you, but you are too damn close if there are no barriers when it comes to physical contact.


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