Sister, Sister: Not Tia and Tamera, but Rather Cindy and Cora

Thanks to my dad’s well, lust for a good time – I have a ton of sisters. I just don’t know them and we don’t get together to trade hair tips. Although, that would’ve been be pretty awesome seeing how I grew up never appreciating the curls on my head like I should have. So I never understood that sisterly bond. While I consider my brother’s ex-baby mama the closest thing I have to that, in reality I was stuck between two brothers, and we have never been and will likely never be as tight as a pair of sisters I know that were the only ones I had in mind for this week. Well, the Kardashians were on my list, but Ryan Seacrest never returned my calls. So missing out on an interview with Kim, Khloe, Koala and Kracker Jak – I looked to Cindy and Cora and discovered their bond didn’t come naturally, which is what I’d always assumed, but rather it spawned thanks to a punch in the face.

Yup, the sisters you rarely see apart today weren’t always stuck at the hip. Cindy said, “It’s hard for people to believe but when we were kids, none of us liked each other. If anything, we really hated each other. Even though we went to the same school and were only one grade apart, we rarely hung out together. If anything, I definitely tried to avoid her when we were in school. And when we were at home, we didn’t talk at all.” That all changed around 7th or 8th grade. According to Cora that’s when her supposed friend started giving her trouble over what else at that age, a boy. When push came to shove, it was Cindy who did the shoving and knocked some sense into that boy crazy middle schooler. From that point on, Cora said she and her sister started hanging out more, even talking in school and being a part of the same lunch crowd. Hey, when you’re that age – you very well know that where you spend lunch is crucial.
From that point on they started getting along and the bond started to grow, but then the inevitable happened and college crept up. Luckily for them this didn’t put too much of a damper on their friendship. With Cindy driving back up from San Diego almost every weekend, Cora said the distance didn’t really affect them, but did do wonders when it came to her and their older sister who, due to a larger age gap, was often in her own world while the other two were together. Interesting enough though, Cindy noted college was the first time she felt like she was just herself and not connected to anyone, “In college, being away from her and my older sister, it gave me the opportunity to be me, not ‘Cora’s sister.’” What made that an interesting note on her part was because Cora admitted that she relied a lot on her for many things, not just comfort and someone to talk to but rather a way of breaking the ice and meeting new people.

That’s one of my favorite aspects about these two, they’re complete opposites when you give them a quick glance. Cindy the notable tomboy isn’t afraid of taking a risk and is never too far from planning her next trip while Cora is a shy girl who loves to crochet. She loves her road trips but in reality knows she’d have to have a first aid kit readily available. You know, just in case. Cindy on the other hand wouldn’t think twice about falling. That contrast always reminds me of that Modern Family episode about dreamers and realists. Cindy being the one who gets Cora off the ground and Cora being the one responsible for making sure Cindy doesn’t get too close to the sun. They both agreed that’s just how it is with them and it may very well just be about their personalities rather than their relationship. Cindy knows she can be reckless and well Cora, she knows traveling without insurance is a big no-no. They balance one another out and in some ways, that’s what makes them a picture perfect pair of siblings. Yes, they fight but who doesn’t bicker with someone they love? Cora said they were like an old couple at times; you know when you’re just so used to one another that it’s the little things that irk you.

Despite their obvious differences in personality, their commonalities continue to keep them close. Joseph Bird would agree their shared family values, love of soccer and admiration of John Krasinski would all factor in their tight knit relationship, but there’s something else. There’s that idea of safety and for Cora, that’s the biggest deal. Cindy, as well as her family, is her safety net and she relies on them for solace in this world and that’s why the idea of moving away from them and her sister is kind of a scary thought at the moment. On the flip side, Cindy revealed that she doesn’t think anything would change between their dynamic if one packed up and moved out, if anything it’d force them to have to communicate more.

In the end, neither have never thanked their parents for giving them a friend for life, which is something they both said has just never come up. It’s weird though, our parents offer us up BFFs and most of us rarely take them up on it. I know I would never consider either of my brothers people I’d hang out with – but really, I don’t think they’d hang out with me either if we’d been in the same school. Nevertheless, the highs and lows of being close to your siblings is something that can be argued for days but these two set the record straight on their own closeness and agreed the biggest high is always having someone to do things with. Cindy’s “forever plus one,” Cora said her sister never fails to push her to treat life like an adventure and get out there.

With the highs come the lows though and for the younger sister who grew up wanting to emulate her older sister, she said, “I always feel like I need her approval. I don’t think she realizes this but I always feel like I need to do stuff that she might like, or she might approve of.” As for Cindy, she admitted that being close has its share of downs like being it being suffocating at times, sometimes feeling guilty when they don’t hang out with one another (Cora shared this sentiment) and when they’re mad at one another she said, “There’s no one to complain to because whenever we’re annoyed with things or people, we tell each other, so then there’s no one to vent to.”

Being extremely close to your family isn’t weird at all, but it can be foreign when looking at it from a world where your siblings are just people your parents decided to have after or before you. In this case though, Cindy and Cora are close thanks to a punch that eventually led them to sharing a lifetime of trips, TV shows and soccer games. It’s likely that’ll be their case for the rest of their days, but Cora did go back to the idea of needing that approval when the idea of them dating was brought up. How would a boyfriend matchup against their sisterly bond? Well, that’s another story for another day.



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