Toys R Adult: Top 10 Ways to Prove to Your Parents You’re a Grown-Up Now
If you’ve discovered this week that you may very well be an adult adolescent, and are rethinking your whole existence or you’re actually just stuck in some sort of time warp with your family, then here are ten ways you can prove to them that you’re an adult dammit!

10. Set a Goal

Not only set one, but follow through with it. That shows determination. Maybe something like running a marathon or something.

9. Stock Your Fridge
The fridge of someone in their 20’s can be depressing. Go buy some produce for Christ’s sake, even if it’s just for show. If that’s the case, buy the cheap stuff and replace every time you know mom and dad are visiting.

8. Treat Them to a Meal Once in Awhile
They fed you for almost two decades, maybe even more, treat them to some Olive Garden next time you see them. .

7. Talk with Them, Not at Them

This is possibly my favorite picture for no reason.

Have an actual conversation with them and try not to make it about your life and how it’s falling apart around you. Take an interest in them.

6. Take Care of Your Offspring
If you’re a parent, actually be responsible. While most grandparents love having their grandkids around, they definitely don’t want to watch them because you’re out getting turnt (insert new word for crazy/having fun once turnt is no longer relevant).

5. Dress the Part
You don’t have to dress this way all the time. That’d be inane, but when your parents unite you over for dinner with your uncle visiting from out of town, make an effort not to wear what you would to your buddies backyard BBQ.

4. Make Your Own Way
Stop treating them like an ATM.

3. Calm Down On Tinder
Stop sleeping around, or at least stop talking about it. Your dad doesn’t need to hear about your Carrie Bradshaw moments.

2. Move On
Find a place of your own. They can’t see you as an adult after collecting your dirty undies for laundry day.

1. Be Tidy
Whether you live at home or on your own, you shouldn’t have to be reminded to clean up after yourself.


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