Cyrus, The Worst Adult Child – Ever
One of the most frustrating things about Cyrus, other than having to believe someone would find John C. Reilly attractive, was Jonah Hill as the title character. Have you ever watched this movie? If so, did you make it through without wanting to jump through the screen and strangle him until he was blue in the face? If you have and did not, you’ve got something wrong with you. He was the worst and here’s why for those of you who have yet to watch this.

For some reason Marisa Tomei’s Molly is Cyrus’ mom and she falls for Reilly’s John. Yes, this is already hard to follow, but bare with me. Those two hit it off, but there’s one major bump in the road – her son, a 21-year-old who can only be described as a sociopath. Molly and John fall for one another after some hook ups, John’s kind of freaked out by how close his new beau and her son are and how he’s catered to like an infant. Despite that they want to move in with one another and Cyrus tries his best to take this relationship down. Over the course of the movie wits are matched, hearts are broken and panic attacks during sex are had. In the end parent and child realize they’ve been living in a time warp and things needed to change in order for them to move forward and find normalcy in their own relationship.

Cyrus is a complete adult adolescent. He’s not a helpless kid who has no clue how his behavior is wrecking his mom’s love life, oh no – he’s well aware and takes full advantage of his privilege. Going back to last week, remember when parents continued to have a child’s room in their home and weren’t able to move on? Well in this case, Cyrus never left and his relationship with Molly never graduated into an adult one. They stayed in a mother/adolescent phase. So she got stuck catering to him, instead of seeing him as the 21-year-old he was, and shutting his shit behavior down when it first started to erupt.
Jonah’s to blame as well. Never having focused on being an adult and relying heavily on his mother for everything, he remained a child mentally. No grown man would interrupt their parent while they were getting down and dirty because they were having an episode. Both sides were stuck in the past. Because of this, an unhealthy and damaging relationship emerged. They eventually saw the errors they created and when that happened – they were able to grow in strides.

While I’m not campaigning for a sequel, I do have to wonder where these characters would be today. Now that Cyrus has seen what a shit show he was being and Molly finally realized how corrupt their relationship was – I’d like to imagine Cyrus has moved on and started living his own life that’s less dependent on his mother’s, and that in return she’s been able to start a new chapter in her life with John. They’re enjoying their time together, alone, and traveling to exciting places around the world. They see Cyrus once in a while on holidays and whatnot, but he’s now discovering who he really is outside of his family unit.


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