Sleeping in the Past: Top 10 Things That Come to Mind Thinking About People Who Have a Room at Their Parents

You’ve moved out. You’ve got your own place. You still have a place at your parent’s? Wait, what? It’s normal for some and not-so-normal for others. We’re going to talk about the top things that come to mind when you think about people who have a room in their parent’s house once they move out.

10. You Think You Deserve It

Not all but some think this is totally okay and that’s a little narcissistic. What did you do to have a permanent space other than be born?

9. You Have Relics of the Past Staring at You

Seeing that Korn poster every time you stay does something for you? Why not at least update the room. Unless you still love Mr. Davis and Co. then by all means, keep that poster up and keep being a freak on a leash.

8. You’re Taking Up Space

Ever wonder if your parents want to take the room back, but it’s like this awkward conversation they don’t know how to start…Well don’t make them ask you to take your stuff. Just do it.

7. You’re Using Your Parents as a Storage Locker

Which leads us to this. Rent a storage locker if you don’t have room in your new place.

6. Calling Two Places Home is Confusing People

“Wait, do you mean you’ll be at your place or your mom’s tomorrow night?”

5. Getting Mad When Others Sleep in There is Silly

Calm down, grandma needed a place to sleep and since they couldn’t move your old Pokemon cards to make a real guest room, this will have to do.

4. So…You Have a Time Capsule…

Korn, Pokemon, a Giga Pet. It’s like stepping into a time machine every time and that can make you slip into a younger mental state when you’re there.

3. Sleeping in a Twin Bed with Your Bae…Not Cool

Did Saturday Night Live teach us nothing about sex during the holidays on a twin bed?

2. You Stay There Too Much

Why are you paying rent elsewhere? Just move back.

1. It’s a Shrine to the Dead, but You’re Still Breathing

This room confuses new neighbors who visit. “I’m so sorry your son passed. How long has it been?” “What? Josh lives across town.” *Awkward stare*

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