The Reality Behind Chandler and Joey: Top 10 Ways to Bond with Your Roomie
Living with someone isn’t just about splitting the rent. While that’s a great perk to sharing space, the other is having a buddy. If you’re in the situation where you didn’t know the person you’ve now signed a lease with, try one, two or three of the following to make a connection with your new roommate.

10. Concert Outing

Even if you don’t have the same taste in tunes, live music can go a long way. Plus, people watching at these things is never a bore.

9. Mall Makeover

Now, don’t go all What Not to Wear one one another but have some fun with it.

8. Book Club

For the quieter folks out there who like to find their fandoms and OTPs in between pages instead of on screens.

7. Dinner Date

Either go out once a week, or decide on a day to cook together.

6. Binge Session

Pick a show and go for it!

5. Decorate a Shared Space

Head to IKEA and splurge on the living room. Try and find something that you both love.

4. Road Trip

Traveling with someone is one of the best ways to form a lasting relationship with someone.

3. Movie Night

Not just a movie night, pick a theme and run with it for awhile. Like, “‘90s teen movies,” “horror mistakes,” fun things like that.

2. Go Sports!

Are you sport fanatics? Even if your teams or sports are different, make sure to take some time to watch the games together.

1. Sleepover

These worked growing up and they’re still a blast when you’re in your 20’s and 30’s.


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