Shh…My Mom’s Asleep: Top 10 Reasons it’s Awesome to Live at Home

There are some great reasons to move out of your parents house, like independence and whatnot but that’s not all that great when you look at these reasons it’s awesome to live at home.

10. Chances are you already know your neighbors

So there’s no fear of one day coming home to one of them in your apartment with a knife waiting to get rid of the evidence, if you catch my drift.

9. Security

With that, unless you’re making bank and can afford to live like Sex and the City and have a doorman, security in an apartment is hard to find. It’s more likely your parents have already invested in a security system for their house that’ll keep you safe and sound too.

8. Already comfortable with surroundings

It can be hard getting used to a new place, but when you’ve grown up somewhere – all that awkwardness is obsolete.

7. Can have pets without a deposit

Pet deposits are the devil and should be waived if you get your animal from the shelter.

6. The fridge is always full and so is your belly

The typical fridge for someone out on their own is bare, oh the horror of going back to your college days of nothing but Ramen!

5. No bills

This is self explanatory, but somehow every month your lights, water and cable stay on and you have nothing to do with it.

4. Laundry freedom

What I wouldn’t give to own a washer and dryer…Banks always know when it’s laundry day because you’re walking in to withdraw $10 in quarters. Luckily for those who live with mom, that’s not a thing.

3. An abundance of toilet paper

You don’t have to hope that the venue or store you go to leaves the extras out and about to steal for home. Not like I’ve done and continue to do that…

2. Always someone there to talk to

It can and will get lonely out there on your own, but when you live with family – there’s always someone around to lend an ear.

1. No rent

Like with bills, each month the place you live is magically available and you didn’t have to spend a dime to ensure that.


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